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Robert O'Harrow, Jr.

Robert O'Harrrow, Jr.

Mr. O'Harrow is a reporter on the financial desk of the Washington Post, where he created a beat covering information technology, marketing and privacy, delivering stories that mix investigative, explanatory and accountability reporting. He worked as lead reporter for "No Place to Hide" under CIR sponsorship. O'Harrow was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for a series of Post articles in 2000 on privacy and technology. His reporting earned him top honors in the print category from Carnegie Mellon University's 2003 Cypersecurity Journalism Awards, based on his investigation for CIR and the Post about the origins of the USA Patriot Act and related reporting. Before joining the Post in 1990, he reported for The Record (Bergen County, NJ) and The Times Herald-Record (Orange County, NY).

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