When you go to work, stop at the store, fly in a plane, or surf the web, you are being watched. They know where you live, the value of your home, the names of your friends and family, in some cases even what you read. Where the data revolution meets the needs of national security, there is no place to hide.

No Place To Hide is a multimedia investigation by news organizations working together across print and broadcast platforms, to make a greater impact than any one organization could alone.

Read the final chapter of No Place to Hide, by Robert O'Harrow, Jr., published by Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster.

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Produced by Peter Bull for PJ Productions and the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Mr. O'Harrow is a reporter on the financial desk of the Washington Post, where he created a beat covering information technology, marketing and privacy. O'Harrow was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for a series of Post articles in 2000 on privacy and technology.

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Hank Asher invented the data-searching product called "Matrix."

John Ashcroft led the Bush administration's drive to push through the USA Patriot Act.

Viet Dinh was a primary author of the USA Patriot Act.

Patrick Leahy is the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. Senate.

John Poindexter was hired by DARPA after 9/11 to head its Information Awareness Office and its Total Information Awareness program.

Carolyn Lucas is a data collection agent for ChoicePoint.

Chris Pyle helped reveal the Army's vast domestic spying program in 1970.

Johnnie Lockett Thomas was put on a no-fly list when her name was matched to that of a man charged with murder.

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"This surveillance state is not a futuristic place conjured in a Philip K. Dick novel or 'Matrix'-esque sci-fi thriller. It is post-9/11 America, as described in Robert O'Harrow Jr.'s unnerving new book, No Place to Hide - an America where citizens' 'right to be let alone,' as Justice Louis Brandeis of the Supreme Court once put it, is increasingly imperiled, where more and more components of our daily lives are routinely monitored, recorded and analyzed."

- Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times